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St Petersburg Power Lift Chairs

Welcome to Health Aid Company, where we specialize in renting, selling and servicing St Petersburg power lift chairs. If you, or a loved one, suffer from mobility issues — whether it’s temporary or permanent — then we invite you to explore the equipment we currently have available.

Our St Petersburg power lift recliners are comfortable, easy to use and they look nice. Most of all, they’re highly functional in making it easy to stand up from the seated position. One of the members of our staff would be happy to help you find the electric recliner chair in St Petersburg FL that suits your needs and we’ll coordinate all the logistics — from shipping it over to your home to setting it up and teaching you how to use it.


Reclaim mobility and independence with power lift chairs in St Petersburg FL

It’s easy to feel a little hopeless when you are confined to a chair, unable to get up without someone else’s help. There are a variety of temporary and chronic conditions that can make it hard to do this, which is why power lift recliners in St Petersburg FL are such useful pieces of equipment.

By working with Health Aid Company, we can help you determine if one of these chairs would suit your needs and then we’ll help you select the right one. Once you have your St Petersburg electric recliner chair, you can enjoy the enhanced mobility and independence that comes with getting in and out of a chair as needed.


We offer more than St Petersburg power lift chairs

Our St Petersburg power lift recliners are just one small sliver of the extensive range of medical supplies and equipment that we provide for our clients. We make it easy to rent equipment like hospital beds, wheelchairs, scooters, feeding aids, walking aids and a lot more.

A long story short: If you have special needs inside your home, or on the go, Health Aid Company most likely has equipment the help you.

Browse our selection of supplies, equipment and St Petersburg power lift chairs online right now. Our team is standing by to help you make the right selection for your needs.

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