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Tampa Electric Motorized Wheelchair Rental

If you are looking for a Tampa electric wheelchair rental, don’t hesitate to connect with our team here at Health Aid Company. Since 1973, we have specialized in selling and renting important medical equipment for the men and women of the Tampa area.

If you are suffering from a short-term or chronic medical condition, you may find it hard to get around. With a motorized wheelchair rental in Tampa FL, you can maintain your mobility and be able to accomplish your everyday chores independently.

When you work with our team for your Tampa power wheelchair rental, you can expect:

  • A helpful staff that cares about your needs. We’re not just here to thoughtlessly hand you an electric wheelchair rental in Tampa FL. Our team wants to make sure that we equip you with a model that fits your unique needs. There are a variety of electric wheelchairs to choose from — we take the time to help you find the best one.

  • Quality wheelchairs manufactured by the top names in the business. Our Tampa motorized wheelchair rental services feature models by Pride, Golden Technologies, Invacare and more. These chairs are in our inventory for a reason — we stand behind them and trust them.

  • A trusted resource for maintenance and repairs. Not only can we provide you with a power wheelchair rental in Tampa FL, but our team is able to provide the needed maintenance and repairs for your chair. When your wheelchair is acting up, it affects you mobility. We want to get you back up and moving quickly.

As a leader in Tampa electric wheelchair rental, our team will make the rental process streamlined, easy and affordable.

Talk to our team about a motorized wheelchair rental in Tampa FL

The Tampa electric wheelchair rental staff at Health Aid Company is standing by, ready to talk to you about your needs. Explore our great selection and choose a chair that fits your needs and lifestyle.

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